square stitch


By Sarah, Oct 23 2015 01:03PM


Time to get hashtag happy. I'm pretty sure given the oportunity I could spend, well, my life on instagram. What's not to love. Photos. Filters. Ideas. Inspiration. Traveling the world and peoples minds and lives with just a few little clicks.

About time I got Square Stitch on there. And so I have. Check it out, love it, like it, follow it, share it, let me know what you think.



By Sarah, Aug 11 2015 02:53PM

Sharpen those pencils.

Now drawing is something that I really enjoy doing but just haven’t had the time recently.

But I made that change. I had an idea, a design that I really want to try out, but first I needed to get the idea down on paper. And I have to say, I'm pretty damn pleased with it.

I definitely need to put some time aside to get this design on the computer and turned into some stitches.

Keep your eyes peeled.

By Sarah, Aug 11 2015 02:33PM

Mr & Mrs Humphrey.

Such an exciting weekend just came and went.

It was the big brothers wedding! Congratulations to Aaron and Megan!

I couldn’t resist but to make them a personalised wedding gift. What better than a beautiful framed embroidery reminder of the wedding day along with lyrics of the first dance song. Love love love this.

By Sarah, Aug 11 2015 02:24PM

A little thank you can mean a lot.

Personalised gifts are always the best! A few days ago I made a leaving card, with the requested message of 'You're a star' a special message for the lady it was being given to.

I was more than happy with the end result and was so pleased to hear that she loved it as much as me, so much I even got a thank you card back from her! Definitely a motivation booster!

By Sarah, Aug 11 2015 01:48PM

Cutting board at the ready.

New card designs are in the making combining cutwork with embroidery. Hope you love them as much as I do!

I wanted to do something a bit different, a change from the style I had been working with. As much as I do love my original card design I wanted to add another element to them.

I have worked previously with cutwork and loved the results, so thought I would give it a go combining the idea with the use of embroidery.

Cannot wait to finish up some more of these.

Check out the results.